Along with your new fancy collar you will receive a matching Tag Bag.  

These bags slip onto the collar and are a safe and quiet way to store
your dogs identification and rabies tags.
Doggon Fancy makes collars for underground pet
containment systems to show off your dogs
unique personality.

Each dog collar is made to the exact specifications
so that your receiver will fit perfect!
Your NEW collar!
back view
front view
tag bag
All you need to do is:

1. unscrew the two correction pins

2. take the receiver off the old collar

3. put back together on your
new Doggon Fancy collar.

             It's that easy!
tag bag & receiver
Dog Fence Dog Collar
                           Size and Price list

SMALL                          3/4"                        6-12"                    15.00
MEDIUM                       3/4"                       11-17"                   16.00
LARGE                            1"                        14-24"                   17.00
X - LARGE                      1"                        16-30"                   18.00
Loop Over collar
Pet Safe parts
All electronic dog fence collars are made without D-rings!  
This is for the safety of your pet because of the correction pins on the receiver.
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